Monday, 29 September 2014

Skew with Inkscape

This is really really simple - looks complicated in this tutorial because I've made it for a complete beginner.

Download Inkscape here

1. Open Inkscape and select text tool

2. Choose font

3. Click on page and type words

4. Adjust size (or do it later in your cutter software)

5. Select zoom tool

6. Use zoom tool to draw an imaginary rectangle round the part you want to zoom in on.

7. Choose select tool. It's the arrow at the top.

8. Click your word once and look at the little arrows at the corners.

9. Click it again. The arrows change. Now the arrows in the middle of each side are the skew tool. They are always paired with the curved "rotate" arrows.

Click on the word again. Now it's not selected. The condition of the word changes as you click. Try it. You'll see it cycle through [resize] > [rotate / skew] > [not selected] > [resize] > [rotate / skew] > [not selected] and so on.

Select the top arrow and drag it sideways and watch the word skew.

10. It works either way. This is using the side skew arrow.

11. To make sure the word stays skewed, with the word still selected, in the Path menu click Object to Path

12. In the File menu click Save As.

A box opens. Type the new name and choose where to store it. (Somewhere you will easily find to upload it to your cutter software.)

In your cutter software you will be able to use it like any other SVG.

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